Jay - Root Minerals

This vegan entrepreneur is the face of his makeup brand who is shaking up the makeup industry by educating their audience about what they are putting on their face. Root Minerals products are Vegan Society certified and only uses safe, ethically sourced ingredients which are kind to your skin.

Brand Therapy

After speaking with Jay, I could see that his passion, knowledge and charisma was not translating into his online communication. He shines at trade shows and events when he gets to speak to people and tell them his story. The research and care he puts into his product ingredients to ensure safety and ethics is what will create trust and authority with his audience. He created this brand for his wife after all! We want people to think, 'if it's good enough for the love of his life, it will be good enough for me.'


There are many natural, cruelty free makeup products but there is only one Jay. Therefore my conclusion was that we build the brand design and voice around his values and personality and that is what his audience his will connect with. 

Visual Identity

Root Minerals design.png
Root Minerals design.png

The first step to building trust with an audience is to have a strong and consistent design.  Jay wanted to stand apart from the typical green and brown eco feel and promote his vegan makeup as something as luxurious and aspirational as the big name brands. I created a simple colour palette working off the purple in the Root Minerals logo and incorporating the colours and textures of nature. The typography is bold and has personality to carry the charismatic brand voice. Jay's love of travel meant that he has fantastic nature photography which brings both a personal and luxury feel to his content.



RM IG before.png


RM IG after.png

Instagram is where Root Minerals audience is online so it was super important to create something that stands out. We worked to create a 12 post template to make it as quick and easy for Jay to produce quality content that effectively communicates what Root Minerals' story, values and worth to his audience. The design is consistent and playful, flowing organically across the grid.  

Product images


product before.png


Root Minerals design.png

We wanted to elevate and create some consistency across Jay's product images. A simple and often cost effective method that many big brands use is to digitally reproduce all of the shade colours on one swatch image. I did just this across the extensive range of shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks and foundation to bring the focus to the product rather than the packaging. I also added the shade name and information to improve the customer shopping experience on the website. 

"Coral is an amazing lady! A true inspiration in helping unlock our brands potential. Fresh and out of the box ideas with unique perspectives. A delight to work with and from a founders perspective she is able to work with your vision and help you search deeper to discover uniqueness and correlate it perfectly through the brand!"
-Jay, Root Minerals

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