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Di is an animal lover - specifically, but not limited to greyhounds! She is passionate about creating safe, natural and cost effective remedies for human and animal ailments alike. She believes that her natural products are the medicine of the future. 

Brand Therapy

Di's is serious about the benefits her products bring to her customers and needed a logo and brand identity to create authority as real medicinal alternative (though her products must currently be called remedies, not medicine). She does not want her business to be perceived as another hippy-dippy, natural remedy brand, riding the wave of CBD based products. Magik Pots is so much more than that. Her audience is people like her who care deeply about animals, and as we all do, age and get niggles that need treatment. Animal medicine especially can be very expensive, ineffective and harsh on the body so Magik Pots is the gentle and effective solution to this problem. 

Logo Design

Magik Pots logo.png

We felt that green was a key colour for this brand so it was important to choose a shade that felt medicinal rather than too eco or hippy. This combination of almost turquoise colour palette and the medical cross icon makes it very clear that this is a "medicinal" brand even if we can't call it that. The + also acts and an 'and' for animals and humans. 


'Natural remedies for you and your pet.'

A subtitle for your brand is key to getting your message across. I came up with this tagline to compliment the new logo which concisely explains what Magik Pots does and who it is for. 

Marketing designs

New Project.jpg

Building out a 

New Project (1).jpg
MP Banner mockup.jpg

A business card, A5 leaflet and stall banner with consistent design to build brand recognition and authority. 

Testimonial coming soon
-Di, Magik Pots

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