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An iconic American motorcycle manufacturer that gave rise to an entire culture and lifestyle. 

The brief

To design the Harley-Owners group magazine for the USA which celebrates their members and the tells the brand story. I soon took on, creating and adapting content designs for the Canadian magazine in both French and Canadian English, Mexico in Spanish and Brazil in Portuguese.   

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I worked on issues 35-39 of this magazine. I was all in on this brand and I'm absolutely still getting a Harley one day! Nothing seemed creatively too far for this client. The designs captured the essence and feeling of the brand with each unique feature design. 


The latter of the issues were translated across 5 languages so designs had to be adaptable which was an interesting new challenge. Translation often meant longer copy lengths and I had to ensure that fonts had diacritical marks for Spanish and Portuguese languages. It was really interesting typesetting different languages.

The HOG USA magazine archive can be found here.

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HOG #035

I took this journey of Route 66 and broke up the text to create a composite vector illustration which shows the changing landscapes across the states and highlights the landmarks along the way. 

Download the full issue here

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HOG #036

When I read the copy, it felt like it was a travel journal with these cool little remarks. I could imagine the writer doodling, scribbling notes and taping in polaroid pictures so that's exactly what I made. I hand drew all of the illustrations and did all of the handwritten notes. I was really pleased that I got the sign off to pull this feature apart like this and do something a little crazy. Big up to Glen Abbott for being cool with me messing with his copy!

Download the full issue here

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HOG #038 

I got to work with some stunning photography which deserved to be pride of place in the design. It was then about choosing elements to compliment them and the story. In this feature I used a grey paper texture and staggered the columns of text to reflect the mountains.

View the Canadian version of this issue here

Or download the US version here

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