Central England Co-op

A regional consumer co-operative with it's key businesses being food stores, funeral directors, travel shops and florists. 

The brief

To produce a magazine and accompanying microsite for Co-op to communicate with their members. With the redesign they wanted to increase their demographic and appeal to younger members. The content needed to show the readers that this was a brand that really understood them and could enhance their lives.

co summer cover.png

My Co-op

I was the art editor this project. It was important to me that it had a joyful feel which reflected the community focus that the brand is known for.


The bright colour palette and clean graphic shapes along with the use of friendly handwritten and script fonts make it feel modern and youthful to appeal to the client's target audience. Bringing the content online with the microsite widened their reach. I adapted and created the visuals for this. 

I came up with to concept for the recipe and cover images and worked with a food photographer and stylist to bring it to life. 

co summer pages.png
co micro pad.png

Coral was an excellent designer to work with on client projects, producing creative and imaginative designs. Whether commissioning high end photoshoots or working on last minute editorial features, Coral is unflappable under pressure, has a fab eye for design and will approach any project with energy. Thoroughly recommended!
-Cathy Wood, My Co-op Editor & Head of Content

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