Crystal - Clap & Toot

This vegan music therapist offers an alternative to the traditional talk therapy. She specialises in working with children and young people who need emotional or behavioural support. Music has the incredible ability to soothe and allow expression for those that aren't able to with words. 

Brand Therapy

Crystal was ready to level up her logo design so that is what we focussed on. The words 'Clap' and 'Toot' are musical sounds and she also lives and works between Clapham and Tooting which is where her audience are. Therefore, such a perfect name needed to remain the focus of her brand identity. The brand needed to appeal to parents and other psychology professionals but still get across that it is for children - child-like but not childish. 

Logo Design

Clap & Toot.png


Clap & Toot.png


Clap & Toot.png

I wanted to create a playful design with a calming feel to reflect the nature of music therapy. The roundness of the font and soft primary colours strike this balance. The 'clap' icon adds the element of sound and movement in a refined way. The design is flexible so it works in different formats to suit any context. 

Style Guidelines

Clap & Toot.png

I created an expanded colour palette and font suggestions to compliment the logo so that the brand can be built out. 

"Coral’s thorough yet warm approach was a breath of fresh air. She took time to get to know my business and really listened to what I wanted for the logo. By the end of our phone call, I felt she was as passionate about my business as I was. She worked closely with me throughout the process and delivered ahead of schedule. Not only do I now have a playful and professional logo, I also have a clearer vision of my brand. Thank you Coral! -Crystal, Clap & Toot

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