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If you haven't noticed yet, I am a design at home mum. I only take on clients who I truly believe in and know I can do a lot for because I literally don't have time for anyone else. I don't ever let people down so I am super upfront about what I can and can't do. More times than not though, I'm able to agree a timescale that works for both of us.

What's my secret? 

My work day consists of set child free focus time in the morning and evening, plus flexible time in the day to check emails, take calls and do some less focussed work while my daughter plays. It is amazing what you can do in a few short super focussed hours compared to a whole day of distractions. This time blocking thing and creating focus time has been revolutionary and WORKS. I highly recommend it. It really is the best of both worlds.

Hmm... Where to go next



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About Rebel Mumma

How did Rebel Mumma start? 
I started my own business when it became apparent that in order for me to work AND be there for my daughter I would need to be self employed - which was a super scary prospect. I started out as ‘Design Kind’ just to get out there but I felt I was hiding behind what I thought a ‘graphic designer’ should be. I found it so different and difficult to design for myself and spent time 'finding' myself and what I wanted to be. If only I had someone to therapise me like I do with my clients! My experience in those early days soon inspired me to go all in on a super real identity which I could rock 24/7. Thus Rebel Mumma was born.
How did you end up as a graphic designer?
I have wanted to be a designer since I was 11 when my favourite subject was design technology. At high school I got properly into music. I looked at a CD booklet one day and thought that 'I' could do this one day. Dan Mumford's 'Your Demise', Alex Pardee's 'The Used' and Keaton Henson's 'Enter Shikari' albums were the artists that kicked this off for me. At university I'm sad to have lost my illustrative side but I fell in love with publishing and typography. I went onto use those skills with some of the biggest brands. I have always wanted to design for something that matters though and that's what I'm doing now.
What interests do you have that you’d love to design for?
I absolutely loved working with a subculture brand like Harley-Davidson. I loved my Vespa, riding was so freeing. I’ve got my eye on an electric Harley when the little one is big enough to sit on the back! 
I’m super interested in fashion from alternative and underground to high end runway. I got to design my own fashion magazine 'The Fashion Edit' for Cheshire Life magazine when I started out in editorial.

I’d love to do something music related. I’m big into metal and alternative music. It would be a dream to design for a band like Enter Shikari or System of a Down who's music stands for something.  

"I have always wanted to design for something that matters"

What is your dream design project

I’m super passionate about equal rights. I have a real fiery belief that we should treat everyone with kindness and celebrate both our commonalities and differences. I equally want to work with people who aid the environment and healing of the planet. AND people who are working to end factory farming and exploitation of animals. So many things! So I guess what I’m saying is that my genuine dream project is to design for something that truly matters that would make a difference to people, the planet and animal well-being.  


What do you do when you are not designing?

My time is mainly filled with spending time with my daughter. We go on walks every day with our dog Dexy who is a rescued ex-racing greyhound. My little one loves going on the bus and I’m starting to take her places again which is great. On rare child free days, my husband and I go for meals at local Norwich vegan restaurants. I love food but don’t love cooking so a vegan Dominoes or the most epic tofu dishes from East Chinese is more than a regular occurrence in my house, usually in front of a dystopian movie or tv show. 

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