This is
Rebel Mumma

A brand therapiser, people empowerer and design consultant for game changers & rebels with a cause. My mission is to redesign the world for the next generation. What's yours?

I am bold with design but I’m nurturing in kind. I bring calm and clarity to my clients. 


I'm Coral and the tiny one is Rei. That's right, I'm a design at home mum. 

I'm a vegan, Dr Martens and Vespa lover. I'm into subculture and am not afraid to be different.

I'm not good at much but I'm a bloody good designer. It's been my focus for 18 years.

I'm handy on design tools - I used to teach em' - but where I truly sparkle is in how I listen and help clients put their passions into words which I turn into design. Some of the best inspiration comes from throwaway comments!

People love my process. They feel refreshed and pumped for their project. And I feel tooled up and ready to do what I do best!

Oh hey, that's us!

What I do...


Brand Therapy
& Design

Do you have a passion, a cause, a burning belief? Hey! You're my kind of person. Perhaps you need some help putting it into words or getting those words heard. Let's team up and get your message out there and start changing the world.

Book Cover Designer.jpg

Book Cover
Consultation & Design 

Writing a manuscript can be super hard work right? Trust me, I'll make this bit easy and enjoyable. I love books! I create gaze-gluing, irresistibly pickup-able book covers that are a perfect portrayal of your story. I can't wait to learn about yours.

"Coral’s thorough yet warm approach was a breath of fresh air. She took time to get to know my business and really listened to what I wanted for the logo. By the end of our phone call, I felt she was as passionate about my business as I was"
- Crystal, Clap & Toot

Let's join forces if you stand for...

  • Preserving & healing our planet

  • Promoting equality & kindness to all people

  • Protecting & enhancing women's rights

  • Improving the lives of working parents

  • Ending animal exploitation

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Book in for a Get To Know Ya Chat... or if you've got a question, drop me a line below and I'll get ya sorted.

Nice one! I'll be in touch ASAP

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